Expert Linear 1.5-FA Solid State Amplifier [ Hamvention ]

Solid State Amplifier

Powerful: 1.5 kW typ. (+/- 0.5dB)

Very Light: about 10 kgs (about 22 lbs).

Very Small: H 12, W 28, D 36 cm. (4.72″ X 11.2″ X about 17″, connectors included).

Wide Frequency Coverage: 1.8 mHz to 54 mHz, including WARCs.

Where permitted: 60m.

Internal Switching Power Supply with Power Factor Correction.

No jumper changes necessary to work from 100VAC to 255VAC.

Manages 4 antennas automatically with up to 2 antennas per band.

Automatically switches between 2 transceivers.

S02R operation.

Predistortion -60dB output sample port.

Manages SPE AMB-01 Remote Antenna Matrix.

Able to manage external set of Band Pass Filters.

ATU Built-In: bypassable per antenna and band.

Up to 2 antennas can be selected for every band in the 1.5K if AMB-01 is added.

Additional receiving antenna can be selected.

Drives directly up to 4 dynamic antennas (StepplR, Ultrabeam) for an easiest layout.

No relay contacts are switched when current is flowing due to special software.


Fully remotable.

Remote control and all software upgrades fully available on SPE website.

USB and RS 232 ports, with AMB-01 WiFi and Lan.

3 Selectable Power Outputs: MAX(1500 W), MID (1000 W), LOW (500 W).

Very clean and low distortion signal.

Both inputs always perfectly matched.

Quiet Operation: 4 fans linearly controlled by power supply and power amplifier temperatures.

Fully protected.

Fully Solid State: uses only one new, very rugged device.

Over 32,000 lines of software for performances that cannot be found in any other amplifier.

Two very fast CPUs.

CAT and Band Data compatible with all rigs on the market allowing control of antennas, bands, ATU matchings.

Complete with heavy duty carrying bag, allowing carry-on to airplanes.

Certifications: CE, FCC.




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