Buddipole Buddistick Pro HF Antenna – Review


Checking out the Buddipole Buddistick Pro. A 40m-6m L dipole antenna for ham radio.

Designed as a multi-band, portable antenna for 40m – 6m, the Buddistick PRO™ is an excellent performer with any transceiver up to 250 watts. 

The Buddistick PRO™ comes packaged in a compartmentalized 1000 denier Cordura™ portfolio bag and includes Versahub™ feed point, 2 aluminum arms, one standard telescopic whip, one adjustable coil, 3 coil clips, elevated radial system, as well as operating manual.

The 31′ wire radial is put up on a line winder and is intended for use on all bands 6m – 40m. The radial wire is pre-marked with color-coded indicators for each band, and is intended to be used elevated from 2′ – 6′ above ground.

The Versahub™ is manufactured from a custom injection mold and utilizes a fiberglass-reinforced nylon material designed for durability and strength. The coaxial connector is a BNC connector. On the bottom of the Versahub™ is a threaded insert (1/4″ x 20 threads) to attach a camera monopod, tripod, or vertical antenna clamp.

Accessories for the Buddistick PRO™ include lightweight, multi-section shock cord legs which attach in seconds and collapse to fit into the portfolio carrying bag. Other optional accessories include an adjustable clamp which allows for a full range of motion and permits the user to operate the Buddistick™ from a picnic table or a condo railing, for example. Please see our Accessories page for clamps,coaxial cable,  and other accessories for the Buddistick PRO™.

Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA.

$199.00 – https://www.buddipole.com/buddistick.html


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