Episode 412 – Richard Bateman – KD7BBC


Richard Bateman, KD7BBC, smitten by computers and programming from an early age, used this talent to solve problems.  Combined with an interest in amateur radio, driven by his family, Richard developed Exam Tools amateur radio testing software now used by the majority of volunteer examiners today.  The Covid Pandemic accelerated the evolution of Exam Tools for remote testing. KD7BBC tells the story in this QSO Today.


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Richard’s sites:
Exam Tools
Ham Study
Signal Stuff

Hometown:  Orem, Utah
Father: was WB7ESH, now AC7DM
Mother: KD7IKB
First License: Technician, KD7BBC, Age 15, 1996
Father-in-Law: Steve Whitehead, NV7V

PC – Personal Computer 
KBYU Broadcast Station
Batch File DOS
Batch File Menu
Basic Programming Language
Paint Dos Program
Monochrome Display
Turbo Pascal 3
Brigham Young University
Novell Networking
Play By Email Role Playing 
OS/2 REXX Programming Language
Novell Netware
Towers of Hanoi Problem
Amateur Packet Radio
Now You’re Talking! All You Need to Get Your First Amateur Radio License, Fifth Edition Paperback – May 1, 2003
No-Code Technician Amateur License
Yaesu FT411 Handheld Radio
March of Dimes Walk America
Freedom Festival, Provo, Utah
Kachina Mosa Marathon
Utah County ARES Group
Utah County Explorer Post
Scout Jamborall 2000, Utah
Amateur Radio VE Testing Team
BYU Job Board
Brigham Young University, Computer Science, BSEE
Facebook, Utah
Academic Probation
Firebreath Project – cross platform browser platform
Russian Language
Move Networks, now Dish Digital
Rob Porter NE6U
IRC – Internet Relay Chat
GradeCam Bubble Answer Form
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Amateur Radio CSCE  – certificate of successful examination
Form 605
NCVEC – make the question pools
GLAARG – Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group
BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
Exam Tools – Amateur Radio Testing Software
Discord Server
Remote Ham Radio Testing
Basecamp Software
First Fully Remote Amateur Radio Exam Session March 20, 2020
Adobe Sign
Ham Study.org 
Utah Valley Amateur Radio Club
Utah County ARES
Family History Net, Utah Valley Amateur Radio
Women’s Net, Utah Valley Amateur Radio
AREDN Mesh Network

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: apathy, rudeness, intolerance on the bands. 

Excited most by: ham radio testing and the development of Exam Tools, its take off and getting used. 

Advice to new or returning hams: Find what you are interested in, pursue it, and learn. Find a group to belong to and help others.

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