Alinco DJ-X100

Alinco DJ-X100

On August 20, 2022, Alinco Co., Ltd. released the DJ-X100, a handheld wideband receiver that supports WFM/FM/AM in analog mode and C4FM/D-STAR/DCR/NXDN/DMR in digital mode. , Announced at the company’s booth (B-17) at Ham Fair 2022. The reception frequency range is 30 to 470MHz (some frequencies are excluded), the external dimensions are 58W x 110H x 32.5mm, and the weight including the antenna and battery pack is about 260g. The price is undecided and it is scheduled to be released in early spring 2023.

  • Covers V/UHF30-470MHz (excluding some bands), band settings that cannot keep up with changes in frequency allocation due to rapid progress in digitization, auto mode, and auto step concepts are intentionally not adopted

★ Equipped with a GPS receiver, it is possible to search and scan for the nearest channel using the latitude and longitude data registered in the memory.

★ 999 channels of memory, 50 sets of program scan, 26 banks, name tag display of up to 14 full-width characters (28 half-width characters) in memory

★Offset step function to shift 1/2 of the step

★Analog AM and FM are also DSP-processed to achieve clear reception sound.

★Analog reception tone is equipped with CTCSS (including reverse), DCS (including reverse), and JR/MSK blank line canceller.

★ Radio mode that allows you to listen to FM radio while waiting for communication

Uses a USB type C connector (first in the industry), charging/external power supply terminal, and communication connection with a PC using the standard accessory cable.

★ Clear audio output with large-diameter speaker and BTL amplifier, earphone jack supports stereo earphones, realizes natural appearance while receiving with both ears (receiving sound is monaural)

★ Alinco’s first IP67 dustproof and waterproof body as a receiver, the included Li-Ion battery and 3 AA batteries can be used for safe field reception

★ The design is based on the image of a measuring instrument and the display, which is based on the glass cockpit of an aircraft, is a color TFT, but in order to improve visibility, a monotone is intentionally adopted (background and font colors can be freely changed and combined: white background during daytime) black font at night, white font on navy blue at night…)





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