Episode 416 – Rod Hardman – VA3ON


Rod Hardman, VA3ON, is one of the hosts of the Ham Radio Workbench Podcast,  and while a relatively new ham, has a love for hands on radio, technology, and tools that goes back to the 1970s. Rod played an interesting role with his company in New Orleans just after Hurricane Katrina that renewed his interest in amateur radio, finding his community, and eventually building his own tribe.  VA3ON tells his story in this QSO Today.



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Rod’s website:
Cycle25 Hub, not Club
Cycle25 Zoom Call
Cycle 25 YouTube Channel

Hometown: Oakville, ONT

First License:  2006, Canadian Basic Amateur radio license, VE3RHF
Upgrades: Basic with Honors, to Advanced

First Rig:
Icom IC-92AD D-Star Portab

Icom IC-7200 HF/50HMz Transceiver
Favorite Operating Mode:  FT-8 Digital Mode

WW2 Machinist
Machinist Mill
Drill Press
Carterfone Decision
Telephone Installer Butt Set
Lake Ontario
Morse Code
Canada Army Cadets
British Military Wireless Set  42
British Manpack Wireless Set A510
Carleton University, Ottawa
Teaching Assistant
Business and Economics Major, Carleton University
CAD – Computer Assisted Design
Hewlett Packard, Toronto
Hilde Allman  VE3ECE
Jim Allman VE7XHP
Hurricane Katrina, 2005
Hewlett Packard rebuilds New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina – need reference
Tintype Photograph
Extreme Home Makeover Recovered Photos Hewlett Packard  2006 Segment 
Seadoo Water Sky
Perth Space Agency – need reference
Perth County Amateur Radio Channels
Allstar Network
Oakville Amateur Radio Club
Covid19 Pandemic
The Importance of Hubs Not Clubs, RSGB
Bay-Net Conference
Bob Heil, HamNation
Brightspace, Canadian Company
Denby Dale Amateur Radio Club
Olivia Digital Mode
Raspberry Pi Computer

Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: being clear in the communication about how we are relevant. 

Excited most by: change, change, change – new protocols, new technology

Advice to new or returning hams: look at the learning curve for the hobby and embrace the education process.  You have a license to learn!

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A510 Military Communications Equipment 
​From VK2DYM Website

Icom IC-92AD Analog Dual Band with D-Star

Icom IC-7200 HF Transceiver

Icom IC-7100 HF Transceiver

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