SDR circuit configuration that emphasizes basic performance

The twin A/D converter circuit configuration, which is equipped with the high-resolution A/D converter and FPGA element adopted in the higher-end SDR model and performs digital conversion processing using two A/D converters, can It reduces the overflow of the /D converter and improves the blocking characteristics. In addition, random noise is added to the analog signal before digital conversion, and by minimizing the quantization error during digital conversion by the A/D converter, distortion is suppressed and dithering technology is adopted to improve IM (intermodulation) characteristics. etc., to improve the overall performance of the SDR receiver circuit.

Excellent close-in multi-signal characteristics with powerful RF front end and low noise oscillator circuit

A high-resolution 250MHz HRDDS (High Resolution Direct Digital Synthesizer) is adopted for the powerful RF front end with a bandpass filter divided for each amateur band and an RF amplifier with low NF and excellent intermodulation characteristics. It is possible to supply a high-quality sampling clock signal with excellent C/N characteristics to the A/D converter.
In the transmission section as well, excellent C/N characteristics due to the high-quality clock signal from HRDDS and thorough pursuit of low noise in the circuit have achieved a transmission phase noise characteristic of -143dBc/Hz at the close 2kHz of the final stage.

FT-710 Effective interference rejection with high-speed DSP

Dual Core 32bit floating point DSP (clock frequency 594MHz / 198MHz) is adopted, and
effects such as SHIFT / WIDTH / NOTCH / CONTOUR (contour) / APF (audio peak filter) / DNR (digital noise reduction / NB (noise blanker)) The interference elimination function is performed by high-speed digital processing.

In addition to the operating status of the filters and interference elimination functions, the passband spectrum is also displayed on the display, making it easy to check the passband status. You can touch the filter function display area and quickly set the DSP dial, so smooth operation is possible even in contests.

AESS (Acoustic Enhanced Speaker System) that produces high-quality three-dimensional sound

Digital processing using DSP combines the speakers on the top of the main unit and the side speakers
to reproduce high-quality received sound with a wide frequency range and a three-dimensional
effect that you would not expect from a compact HF transceiver. You can set the
optimum sound quality by adjusting the output balance and frequency characteristics of the two speakers according to your preference .

High-quality AESS image with three-dimensional effect

3D scope display
High-definition 4.3-inch TFT color touch panel display with 3DSS (3-Dimensional Spectrum Stream)

Equipped with a large 4.3-inch wide color display, the real-time spectrum scope display adopts the FTDX series SDR three-dimensional scope (3DSS) to easily grasp changes in signal strength over time, set the operating frequency, meter and function settings, You can intuitively operate the display settings on the touch panel.

3DSS (three-dimensional scope display)
3DSS (three-dimensional scope display)
Versatile display that boasts excellent visibility and operability
MULTI function display

In addition to the band scope display, the MULTI function display displays the oscilloscope and AF-FFT audio scope on the same screen. As a result, the AF-FFT function displays the spectrum of the received sound while monitoring the reception band during operation. You can also visually check the effect, and you can instantly grasp the overall condition in a contest or the like.

MULTI function display
MULTI function display
Waterfall display

You can switch between 3DSS display and waterfall display by touching “3DSS” on the screen. In the waterfall display, you can touch “EXPAND” to expand the display time of the received signal (history display time).

Waterfall display
Waterfall display
VMI (VFO mode indicator)

VFO mode indicators are located on the left and right sides of the VFO dial so that the operational status of VFO-A, VFO-B, memory mode, clarifier/split operation, etc. can be seen at a glance. The color of the indicator can be selected from 4 colors (blue/green/white/red) according to your preference.

VMI (VFO mode indicator)

PRESET” mode, ideal for FT8 operationFT-710

Just by selecting “PRESET” on the MODE screen, the optimal settings for the “FT8” communication mode will be effective, so you can enjoy “FT8” smoothly and comfortably. By pressing and holding “PRESET”, you can easily customize by calling each item that has been set.
Up to 5 preset information can be saved.

Supports external display connection (DVI-D digital output terminal)

Since it has an external display terminal (DVI-D) on the back, it can be operated by connecting to a large screen monitor with digital output. It also has a USB (Type-A) terminal, so you can connect a mouse and operate it on a large screen.

  • Network remote control (remote operation) *Coming soonUsing the LAN unit (sold separately: SCU-LAN10) with the FT-710, you can connect to a LAN or the Internet and operate remotely from a remote location.
    In remote operation, in addition to the basic operation of the transceiver, it supports various scope displays, allowing comfortable operation even from a distance.
  • Other practical functions・ QMB (quick memory bank) function: Quickly start operation by recalling the operational status stored in memory with a single touch
    ・ Equipped with FUNC (function dial) for easy function setting・
    Compatible with long wire auto antenna tuner “FC-40”
    ・Equipped with SD card slot: Recording/playback of communication sound, various settings, saving memory contents, firmware update, etc.
    Equipped with 2 USB ports (A type, B type)
    CW operation: CW zero-in, CW auto zero-in,
      Supports various functions such as CW reverse function, CW keying waveform shaping, CW memory keyer, etc.
    3-stage parametric equalizer
    Optimal gain selection by IPO (Intercept Point Optimization)
    ・ AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
    ・ Band stack function
    ・ ATAS active tuning antenna compatible
    ・ Remote control keypad FH-2 compatible
    ・ CAT (3 systems)


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