Episode 419 – Lauren Libby – W0LD


Lauren Libby, W0LD, was my guest on the QSO Today podcast, five years ago this month, and because of a confluence of events including the ham expo and the holidays of the Jewish new year, I decided this week to go back into the QSO Today catalog and remaster an amazing interview I had with Lauren.  What’s more, I got to meet Lauen in person at the Dayton Hamvention last May helping me to better choose the now remastered episode of Episode 161.  Lauren’s love of radio broadcasting brought him to amateur radio, his interest in DXing by meteor scatter and EME moon bounce.  Lauren made his career in radio broadcasting and is the CEO of the World’s largest International shortwave broadcasting network.  W0LD is my QSO Today.


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First Broadcast: Age 10, AM Broadcast transmitter with 1000 watt longwire  on National Farm Frequency

Elmer: WA0HOZ,  Ameco Morse Code Course

First License:  Mid-Sixties, Age 12, Novice, WN0LSH, Technician WA0LSH

Lauren’s other call signs: WN0LSH, WA0LSH, KX0O, V31JO, CO2/KX0O 

Favorite operating mode:
Moon Bounce EME on VHF, UHF 

First Rig: 
Ameco kit transmitter
Hallicrafters S53A receiver
Motorola power amp using a pair of 100TH tubes on 6 meters 
BC348 Receiver

Current Rig: 
Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver
Yaesu FT-991A to take travel internationally
Icom IC-271H single band radio VHF UHF 

Current interests: 
Moonbounce, EME
High Power VHF Tropo Experiments

Growing Popcorn for money
Norton Warner Broadcast Company
Kansas State College, Economics
Moon bounce “EME”
Meteor Scatter
1500 Watt Amp using 8877 amp for two meters
Don Hilliard W0PW, W0EYE  invented antennas for microwave for the National Bureau of 
Aircraft Scatter
Tropospheric Scatter
Joe Taylor, JT65, WSJT
Icom IC-475H – VHF single band transceiver 
ARRL Worked all States on VHF and UHF, and 
ARRL Worked all Continents 
Central States VHF Society 
Amateur Radio Roving Station
Radio Club of America
TWR International –  Lauren is CEO 
Yellow Teak
High power medium wave band 
Medium wave curtain antenna
DXpedition V31JO Beliese 6 meters
Sporadic E Propagation
Lance Collister, W7GJ – 6 meter moon bounce DXpeditionier
W5UN DXCC 2 meters
Grid squares VHF contest
King Hussein, JY1

Excited by: relationships that blossom from ham radio

Advice to new or returning hams: Enjoy the relationships that come from amateur radio.

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Ameco AC1 Novice Transmitter

Hallicrafters S-53A Receiver

Elecraft K3 HF Transceiver

Yaesu FT-991A Allmode Transceiver

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