Here we take a look at the new AT-100M Automatic Antenna Tuner. NOT to be confused with other models, this ATU has been built from the ground up in terms of hardware AND software.


1. Built in standing wave meter and power meter function, high cost performance

2. High end components: imported magnetic ring, imported 1N5711 detector diode, imported ams1117 buck chip

3. Super small volume, only 2.9cm thick x 7.4CM wide x 12cm long

4. Instead of directly applying open-source files, it has been completely designed to solve the problems of screen, random code and standing wave

5. Support 10 tuning results storage

6. Support firmware upgrade, and the function will be updated continuously in the future.


1. [powerful system]

The system of this product will continue to be upgraded iteratively and strive to become a more powerful Tiandiao system (customers can download the firmware on the official website or ask the customer service for the latest firmware. Customers can upgrade the system by themselves through pickit3.5 brush line.)

2. [1 tuner takes the world]

It supports any radio station and antenna, without the need for professional data line, and is suitable for most of the radio stations and antennas in the market, such as Jianwu, ICOM, Bazhong, xiegu, USDX QRP and other arbitrary radio stations. It supports end feed, vertical, horizontal, liumu, inverted V, vehicle seedlings and other antennas

3. [this product is both a sky regulator and a power standing wave meter]

Support display of standing wave value, forward power and reverse power

*Please calibrate the standing wave power value of the equipment when using or replacing the radio for the first time. Refer to the manual for details

4. [fast tuning]

The system has built-in 29 groups of storage bits (20 groups of automatic storage + 9 groups of user storage bits). When tuning, AI intelligent adapts 29 groups of storage bits to achieve the second adjustment

5. [compact and portable]

This product is small in size, just the size of a mobile phone, only 139mmx74mmx29mm (length x width x thickness), small in appearance, outdoor portable, metal shell, strong and durable, and weighs only 370g

6. [high power resistance]

The product adopts signal line width wiring, imported magnetic powder ring, high-quality copper wire, rated withstand power 100W (SSB), instantaneous peak withstand Power 120W (SSB mode)

*This product has different power resistance at different frequencies or modes. Please refer to the instructions for details

7. [HD OLED display]

This product adopts 0.91 inch high-definition OELD display screen, which can display the tuning status, power value, standing wave value, parameter adjustment and other functions, so that you can quickly use the product and obtain more functions

8. [free selection of six state interfaces]

The system supports 6 State interfaces, including user storage interface, bar power standing wave meter interface, large font interface, standing wave curve interface, power curve interface, relay and battery voltage status interface

9. [advanced player depth play]

The system supports 16 advanced parameter configurations, which are suitable for advanced players to customize. Such as automatic storage of quantity, tuning speed, starting power, starting standing wave, power calibration, standing wave calibration, signal test, relay test and other functions, customize your Tiandiao system

10. [built in lithium battery]

The system interface displays the battery voltage and remaining power in real time, so that you can use it outdoors as you like, and don’t worry about losing power.

*The number of relays operated by different tuning degrees affects the endurance time

11. [built in buzzer]

Built in high-power active buzzer, when the button is pressed or the standing wave exceeds the set value, the automatic sound “drip –” will sound, timely remind the user to pay attention to the current standing wave, and once the product is hung at the antenna feeding place on the tree, the sound is still clear


Before using its own tuning, be sure to switch on the minimum power of the power control room to prevent damage to the radio station or the sky conditioner;

When the radio is used or replaced for the first time, the standing wave power value of the equipment needs to be recalibrated. When the radio is inconsistent with the standing wave power value displayed by the equipment, the radio shall prevail.

Please use the USB type-C charging cable attached to this product to charge. If you use other brands of USB type-C fast charging cable, you may not be able to charge.


Product model: AT-100m

Supporting stations: Jianwu, ICOM, Bazhou, xiegu, USDX, QRP and other arbitrary stations

Supporting Antennas: dipole, GP, long line, end feed, Yagi and vehicle short wave antenna, etc

Frequency range: 1.8mhz-30mhz

Power range:

1-18mhz or SSB / CW 0.1w-100w

18-30mhz or FM / AM / FT8 0.1w-50w

External dimension: 139mm x 74mm x 29mm

Product weight: 370g

Working power: Max 3W

Charging current: 5v1a (supporting over discharge / overcharge protection)

Battery capacity: 3300mah

Shutdown current: about 15ua

Startup standby: about 13mA, about 150 ~ 200 hours standby (no tuning action)

Tuning standby: start 1 ~ 3 relays to consume 130 ~ 330mA current, which can stand by for about 10 ~ 25 hours

Charging time: about 4 hours. The LED indicator is red during charging and green when fully charged.

Operating instructions:

1. Please connect the radio and antenna respectively;

2. The radio is set to the frequency range and minimum output power supported by the equipment. The working mode is FM / AM / CW or SSB;

3. Long press the button to realize tuning or abandon tuning;

4. Operate the radio station to keep the emission status. At this time, the equipment will automatically tune to the lowest standing wave and stop automatically

5. The screen shows that when the SWR value is 1.0-2.0, the tuning is successful;

6. Set the radio power to the maximum transmission power / frequency / mode supported by the equipment for calling




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