IC-705 Firmware Update


type firmware
product name IC-705
version Version 1.30
release date 2022/10/13
Major changes Changes from Version1.27・Added DV repeater monitor function (domestic repeaters only)・Addition of reception (transmission) route (RF/terminal mode/DV repeater monitor) to reception history log and communication log・Added receive (transmit) route (RF/terminal mode/DV repeater monitor) to chunk information of communication recording file・Added reception path (terminal mode/DV repeater monitor) to the following screens・Receiving history screen・GPS position screen (RX)- Communication recording file playback screen- Communication recording file information screen・Improved so that connected/saved access points can be deleted from the WLAN access point list.・Improved so that the CI-V command 1F 01 (DV transmission callsign) can be set with only the callsign (UR) of the other station.・Other minor changes
Supplementary explanation, caution ・For products with the following serial numbers written with firmware Version 1.26 or later, firmware Version 1.24 or earlier cannot be used.Please note that if you restore the firmware, the sound will not be output normally.IC-705 #31: after 31001001The programming software that supports this firmware can be downloaded from here .There are two ways to update the firmware.1) When updating the firmware by yourself1. After downloading, copy the expanded firmware update data (eg 705J130.dat) to the “IC-705” folder on the microSD card.2. Insert the microSD card containing the firmware update data into the transceiver.3. Update the firmware.3-1. Display the “SD card” screen from the menu.3-2. Touch [Firmware upgrade] to display the “Firmware upgrade” screen.3-3. Touch [▼] to scroll the screen to the end while confirming the content, and touch [Yes] if you agree.3-4. A dialog prompting you to save the settings will appear. Touch [Yes].* Setting data and memory may be initialized, so we recommend backing up here.3-5. When the setting save is completed, the file selection screen will be displayed. Touch the firmware updater (example: 705J130).3-6. Read the description carefully, and touch [Yes] for a long time (about 1 second) to start updating the firmware.3-7. When the dialog “Firmware rewriting is completed” is displayed, the transceiver will be automatically restarted.*If the setting data needs to be converted, it may take some time to restart.4. If the setting data and memory have been initialized, load the setting data and memory backed up on the microSD card.4-1. Display the “SD card” screen from the menu.4-2. Touch [Load settings] to display the “Load settings” screen.4-3. Touch the saved file name.4-4. Touch [All] to display the dialog “Are you sure you want to keep the repeater SKIP settings?”, then touch [Yes].4-5. Touch [Yes] when the dialog “Do you want to load? Reference frequency adjustment will also be loaded.”4-6. When loading is complete, a screen prompting you to restart will appear. Turn off the transceiver and turn it on again. ・After updating the firmware, the “version information” in the set mode will be as follows.Main CPU: 1.30Sub CPU: 1.01DSP Program: 1.12DSP Data: 1.00FPGA: 1.01DV DSP: 1.10GPS: 13196Bluetooth: 1.12WLAN: 2) When using paid firmware update serviceWe accept it for 3,300 yen (tax included) per unit. See here for details.
capacity 8.11MB
format zip
instruction manual To the instruction manual download page
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