Chameleon Remote Tuner

Using the Loop Remote Tuner allows you to get further away from the antenna and have more precise control over the antenna. This is advantageous for those that would like to put the antenna outside and sit indoors or in a structure.

This tuner is designed for remote electric tuning of the CHA F-LOOP 3.0 magnetic loop antenna. This permits the antenna to be up to 20 feet from the operating position, such as on a balcony or deck, and enables more precise tuning of the loop. The CHA LRT will only work with the CHA F-LOOP 3.0 (A special version for the CHA LOOP 2.0 will be available later this year). Also, this is an electric device for mechanically rotating the loop tuning unit capacitor in place of the standard manual tuning knob – it is not an electronic Automatic Tuning Unit (ATU). Please follow the instructions to properly install and operate the Loop Remote Tuner. 






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