Episode 431 – Walt Stinson – W0CP


Walt Stinson, W0CP’s love of shortwave listening, amateur radio, and electronics led him to a career as an entrepreneur and founder of ListenUp, in Denver, Colorado.  Walt remained on the cutting edge of the consumer electronics industry leading to his induction into the Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame.  W0CP enjoys working DX, contesting, and now Summits on the Air from the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Walt is my QSO Today.


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Walt’s Website
Walt’s YouTube Channel
XYL: Mary Stinson, K0ZV

First License: 1963, age 15, Novice, WN0GJZ

First Station: 
Hallicrafters S38E Receiver
Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter

Current Rig: 
Expert Electronics SunSDR Transceiver
Elecraft KPA1500 Amplifier

SOTA Station: 
MTR3 Mountain Topper
End-Fed Halfwave Antenna

Shortwave Listener
Hallicrafters S38E Receiver
Sputnik Satellite
Walter Ashe Radio Company, St. Louis
ARRL Callbook
Webster Grove High School, St. Louis
St. Louis Community College 2 Year Electronic Diploma
Knox College, Galesburg IL – 3/2 Program
La Salle Electronics, Lasalle, IL
Barry Fey, Feyline Concerts
Rainbow Music Hall
Professional Audio Video Retailers Association
Compact Disk Group
CD- Compact Disk
Sony CD Technology
Philips Polygram Consumer Electronics
Walter Stinson Induction Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, 2009
Irwin Jacobs, Qualcomm
Steve Jobs, Apple
Paul Kipsch
SOTA – Summits on the Air
ARRL Director
ARRL Foundation Board
Original Extra Class Amateur Radio License – scroll down to article
HS4A – Human Security for All
Cop27 Egypt
United Nations
World Academy of Art and Science
Albert Einstein
Bertrand Russell
J. Robert Openheimer
CES – 2023  “Human Security for All”
CTA – Consumer Technology Association
IARU – International Amateur Radio Union
Martin Jue – MFJ Electronics
Dave Sumner K1ZZ, QSO Today Guest Episode 172
Patricia Pfitsch, Author
ARRL Sweepstakes
CQ Worldwide DX Contest
ARRL DX Contest
SO2R – Single Operator Two Radio
T32 Christmas Island
Personal Locator Beacon
Personal Recollections of Marconi, by Walt Stinson, W0CP
Howland Island, Amelia Earhart’s last known destination
The AH1A Saga – Pacific Expedition to Howland and Baker IslandSchooner
Rig Expert

Excited most by:  SOTA is super exciting.  Juma 12 lb amplifier operating with Elecraft KX3

Advice to new or returning hams: Find an Elmer, go to clubs, be an Elmer and get on the air!

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W0CP QTH Station

W0CP SOTA Station “on the rocks”

W0CP Traveling DXpedition Station

Walt W0CP Circa 1982

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