Episode 435 – Thomas Henderson – WD5AGO


Thomas, “Tommy” Henderson, WD5AGO, has always found EME or Moonbounce operation on the bands above 6 meters fascinating and worthwhile, making thousands of contacts by phone or CW.  Building his own EME rigs has led to deep technical expertise and ham radio success.  As a teacher and now department head of the Electronics Technology program at Tulsa Community College, he uses amateur radio to enhance his full curriculum while demonstrating its utility.  WD5AGO is my QSO Today. ​



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Hometown: Sand Springs, OK. 

First License: Age 16, Novice, WD5AGO, 

Elmers or Mentors: 
Ray Nichols W5HFV
Larry W5UGO (SK) 
High school instructor: Jim Farrar WA5SPB
Richard Cottner, K5FQS

First Rig:
Swan 350 Transceiver

First Moonbounce Contact:  Dave K1WHS, 1982

Cox Model Airplane Engines
Erector Set
Slot Cars
Crystal Radio
1N34 Germanium Diode
CB Radio
1967 Chevrolet Cheville
Eimac EME Notes
Mobile Phone IMTS
Radio Pagers
Telex Computer Products, Tulsa
Tulsa Community College, Associates Electrical Engineering Technology
GROL Radar Endorsement
Meteor Scatter
Tropospheric Communications
Aurora Borealis Northern Lights
Icom IC-706 All Band Transceiver
Quagi Antenna – 4 yagis
AR squared VHF Preamp
4cx250B VHF Amplifier
VHF Transverter
Hottest EME Band 23 CM
23 CM Band 100 Watt Amplifier
Inversion Ducting
Rain Scatter Signals
EME or Moonbounce
Tulsa Community College
Microwave Horn Antenna
KP4AO Special EME Event 
Joe Taylor K1JT
Arecibo Dish
AGO Products Thomas Henderson
QRP Transceivers
ARRL Sweepstakes
SOTA Summits On The Air
Flight of Bumblebees
Four Days in May QRP ARCI
Introduction to Radio Frequency Design, by Wes H. Hayward W7ZOI
Experimental Methods in Rf Design by Wes Hayward, Rick Campbell KK7B, Bob Larkin W7PUA
Radio Astronomy Hobby, Hydrogen line astronomy 1420.405 Mhz
RAS Astronomy Supplies
SETI – Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence
Contact – The Movie
Fourth Order Speaker System
Kawasaki VR500 Motorcycle
Torque of Electric Motors
Evil Kneivel
Drag racing as hobby

Excited most by: EME and building the test equipment, LNA, converters,  and antennas for it.  

Advice to new or returning hams:  get with an older mentor, join a club in your city or school, and get on the air.

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Swan 350 HF Transceiver

Tommy at Tulsa Community College Ham Shack

Testing a Microwave Horn Antenna

WD5AGO QRP Transceiver

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