Episode 436 – Jerry Spring – VE6TL


Jerry Spring, VE6TL, like many hams got an early start in amateur radio as a teen, but stepped out of the hobby to nurture a career and family.  Upon returning Jerry revisited his love of vintage WW2 gear, vintage transceivers in general, and a love of CW and contesting to make enough contacts for DXCC.  ForJerry, both hamshack and workbench are fully operational and busy.  VE6TL is my QSO Today. 


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Hometown: Windsor, Ont

First License: Age 16 VE3HCN, General 10 WPM

First Rig:
Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter
Heathkit HR-10 Receiver
Vertical Antenna, 80, 40, 15 meters

Contest Elmer: Daniel Lazar VE6EX

Current rig: 
Yaesu FTDX5000MP HF Transceiver
ARC 5 Aircraft Receiver
Marconi T1154 Transmitter
Marconi R1155 Receiver
Drake TR4 HF Transceiver
Drake 2B General Coverage Receiver
Drake 2B Arduino Based VFO
Heathkit HW-101 HF Transceiver
QCX Mini HF Transceiver

Crystal Radio
Shortwave Listening
Grundig Shortwave Receiver Vintage
National Geographic World Map
Pt. Pelee Bird Watching
Japanese Transistor Radio Vintage
Detroit Tigers World Series 1968
KMOX, St. Louis, MO
Heathkit GR54 Shortwave Receiver
Radio Moscow
Radio Prague Monitor Club
Royal Canadian Mounties
HCJB Quito Ecuador
Ecuadorian Faja
The Boy’s First Book of Radio and Electronics, by Alfred Morgan
Cagliari, Sardinia
Centennial High School Radio Club, Windsor, ONT
York University, Ont
York University, Liberal Science
Quantum Physics
Tar and Sand
Oil Shale
Kenwood TS-530 HF Transceiver
Ontario Science Center
Cypher Groups from Submarines in the Great Lakes
R1155 Receiver
Russell Wilson VK6VK
CW Ops
CW Academy
Long Island CW Club
VE6SV Contest Station
8 Band DXCC
Digital Modes Club FT-8 – award site
Logger 32 Software
ADI32 log file
Ellen White W1YL (SK) QSO Today Interview
Restoring WW2 Spy Transmitter
6L6 Vacuum Tube
Shunt Fed Tower 
Stepper Motor
Magnetic Receive Loop Antennas
Hogwash for Hamsters, by Jerry Spring, VE6TL
Southern Alberta Support Team for Amateur Radio – Sastar
Canadian Amateur Radio 
Calgary Youth Science Fair
Joe Desch, Dayton Codebreakers, Dayton Ohio
Alan Turing 
Enigma Encryption
Interview: “We’ve Created A World No One Wants to Maintain”, with Temple Grandin and Jordan Peterson 

Excited most by:  Resurgence of CW

Advice to new or returning hams:  Find a local group to see what they are doing – a personal relationship.  New hams – go meet someone, see their station, and get a feel for it. 

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MarconiSetup:  R1155 Receiver and T1154 Transmitter, completely restored

Drake 2B with Arduino and DDS VFO Modification

Heathkit DX-35 and Heathkit AT-1 completely restored.

2 Meter Diameter Receive Loop for 160 Meters

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