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Jim Aspinwall, NO1PC, was the fly on the wall, as a kid growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, listening to his dad and friends talk about electronics, radio, and television repair.  This led to a “hands on” electronics education that kept him employed from junior high school to this day. As a public safety volunteer, Jim believes that giving back to the community is key to a happy life. Amateur radio, and all of its benefits, is the icing on Jim’s cake of life.  N01PC is my QSO Today.

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Father:  Bill Aspinwall W9UGT 

Hometown: Madison, WI 

First License: Novice, WN9GBF, Age 14, Novice
Upgrade to Technician: 1971, WB9GBF 

First Rig: Motorola U43GGT VHF 2 Meter Mobile

Current Rig: 
FlexRadio Flex6300 HF SDR Transceiver
Collins KWM-2 HF Transceiver
Array of VHF and UHF transceivers and portable

ARRL Field Day 
Public High School Electronics and Shop Classes 1960s
Motorola Red Book Schematics – This was a paper book of schematics for tube type VHF and UHF mobile transceivers
Satterfield Electronics, Madison, Wisconsin
Johnson Messenger 29.6 Mhz FM Transceivers
Heathkit Twoer Lunchbox 2 Meter AM Transceiver
Motorola Motrac
Motorola Micor Mobile Radio
Western Electric 247B DTMF Decoder
Secode Mobile Telephone
IMTS Mobile Telephone
GE Mastr Pro Mobile
Tung Sol Tubes
Wisconsin School of Electronics
Wire Wrap Construction Method
Pantera Automobile
ARC5 Receiver
Technical Writing
Mass Spectrometry
Finnigan Corporation
Armadillo Intertie Radio System
Cactus Intertie Radio Network
ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency System
RACES – Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Alief Houston Community Fire Department
Colleyville Community Fire Department
CalFire Programs
George Zafiropoulos KJ6VU
Volunteer Communicator, Office of Emergency Services, State of California
San Francisco Bay Bridge Collapse
Santa Clara ARES Resource Net
1989 California Earthquake
Calnet Repeater Group
Oakland Hills Fire, 1991
Standardized Emergency Management System
CERT – Community Emergency Radio Team
Neighborhood Watch Program
PiStar Hotspot

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NO1PC Ham Shack

NO1PC First Repeater Circa 1970s

NO1PC ARES Drill as Net Control
Circa 1970s

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