Episode 438 – Paul Topolski – W1SEX


Paul Topolski, W1SEX, was my guest in Episode 133, in February 2017, six years ago.  I wanted to reprise this interview as well as point out that Paul is always one of the first to help as a speaker or Expo moderator.  Paul was just meters from ground zero working the communications center, when terrorists struck the 2013 Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds of spectators and participants.  Paul shares with me his ham radio story, his experience, and how he continues to make a difference to his community in this QSO Today.


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​Paul’s Links: 


  • Walt MacDonald, K2VOX,
  • Ralph Janowsky, W2RPO
  • Milton “Dex” Dexheimer, W2VCI

Early equipment: 
Knight Kit Star Roamer
Realistic DX 150
Q-multiplier for Star Roamer for SSB

First Rigs:
Heathkit HW-101
Kenwood TM-2530A

Current Rigs:

Favorite operating modes: SSB and RTTY

Favorite contest: January ARRL RTTY Contest

W1SEX’s favorite lab instrument:  

Motorola Motrac Mobile Radio – 1960 trunk mount mobile radio

Adam 12 Police Show

ARATS – Amateur Radio Association of the Tonawandas, W2SEX

Columbus McKinnon Company

Gardner Civil Defense Agency

Cold War – the state of military tension between the USA and the former Soviet Union after WW2.

CERT – (Community Emergency Response Team) helped to revise RACES

Homeland Security CERT Program

Winlink System – global HF email system

Boston Marathon, 2013, terrorist attack

“Ham radio is a social hobby”, W1SEX

Burgess Batteries Dry Cell Kit

10 Dollar Test Bench – from the You Tube channel, “The Radio Mechanic”

Most excited by:  Innovation in digital communication in HF including JT65, and Icom’s new IC-7300.

Advice to new and returning hams: Find a good amateur radio club

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Motorola Motrac Control Head
​with Siren and PA accessory

Knight-kit Star Roamer General Coverage Receiver

Heathkit HW-101 5 Band HF Transceiver

Kenwood TS-690S HF Transceiver

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