Episode 441 – Robert Glorioso – W1IS


Robert “Bob” Glorioso, W1IS had early beginnings in electronics and radio, encouraged by his father, led Bob to advanced degrees in engineering, a stint in the US Army, and opportunities to be on the cutting edge of technology throughout his career with major corporations and his own startup.  The consummate teacher, Bob has developed new hams through courses at the local ARES.  W1IS has been a frequent contributor to ham radio publications for over 50 years, is a contributor to the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, and my guest in this QSO Today.


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How To Build Simple Wire Antennas for 20M, 15M to 2M & 70cm, presentation this month at the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo.  

OCF Masters Website

Transistors on Two, in a hand Portable, “The TOT”, by Roberto Glorioso, W1EBW, available to ARRL members in QST Archive

Hometown: Danbury, CT

First License: Novice Jan 1 1955

First Rig:
Lafayette Hallicrafters S38A
2 Tube 6L6 transmitter

Current Rig: 
Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver 
Elecraft KX3 Portable HF Transceiver 
Other QRP Rigs
Hexbeam Antenna
HF 160 meter OCF 

Cub Scouts Crystal Radio
Crystal Detector
Razor Blade Detector
Local Oscillator
QST Magazine
Superheterodyne Receiver
Radio Row, NYC
Candlewood Amateur Radio Association
80 Meter Dipole Wire Antenna
ARRL Field Day
Walt Glubber W1VB
Vibroplex Bug
Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter
Northeastern University, Boston 
Northeastern University COAP program – work study
Mechanical Drawing
Doman Helicopters
Flight Simulator
Bonanza Tip Tanks
CBS Laboratories 1.78” cassette
Wire Recording
Digital Signal Processing
Denis Gabor, creator of Holograms
University of CT, MSEE
Single Sideband FM
IEEE Transactions 
“Experiments in Single Sideband FM”
Computing User Interfaces
Experimental Psychology
Light Pen
Noise Generator Random Number Generator
Submarines – Electric Boats
ROTC First Lieutenant
US Army Signal Course
US Army Electronic Command
US Army Computer Techniques Team
Vietnam War
Network Routing
RAND Corporation
Assistant Professor of Electronics and Computer Engineering at Amherst
NSF – National Science Foundation
Gordon Bell, Digital Equipment Corporation
PDP Computers
VAX Computers
Bob Rose KD1DSQ
PDP8 Computer
Digital Equipment Corp Applied Research and Development Group
RS-488 Serial Protocol
Transaction Processing
Fault Tolerance
Marathon Technologies Corp., Bob was founder and CEO
Windows 3.0 Operating System
Israel 2nd Intifada
End-Fed Antenna
36 to 1 balun on End fed 
“End Effect” on  end-fed wire antenna
ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
SOTA – Summits on the Air
POTA – Parks on the Air
Minecraft Apps for Ham Radio

Advice to new or returning hams: get into a club where the people are active and welcoming. 

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Hallicrafters S-38 General Coverage Receiver

6L6 Novice Transmitter Schematic

Elecraft K3S HF Transceiver

Elecraft KX3 HF Transceiver

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