Episode 450 – Baris Dinc – OH2UDS


Baris Dinc, OH2UDS, has a  passion for amateur radio that has shaped his life and career in remarkable ways. Growing up in Turkey with a father who loved tinkering with electronics, Baris was exposed to the world of radio communication early on through articles in the Turkish Amateur Radio Society Magazine, which further ignited his love for the craft. Baris was the only child under 18 to hold a Turkish amateur license with the call sign TA7W. This early achievement set the stage for an illustrious career, which included earning a BSEE from Ankara University and spearheading the ambitious communications projects, QO-100 earth stations and the  Mars on Earth project to interest kids in radio and satellites.  OH2UDS is my QSO Today.


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 Minimalist QRP Approach – ADX HF QRP – Baris Dinc, OH2UDS-TA7W and Barbaros Asuroglu, WB2CBA

Blog : https://www.barisdinc.com

Project repository: https://github.com/barisdinc

YouTube Channel

MoEP & Hamradio Activities :

Hometown : Trabzon / Turkiye

First License: TA7W 1991

Current RIG : Kenwood TS-2000X, Yaesu FT-847, Homemade & SDR Equipment for SHF


1983 – Turkish hams could transmit radio signals
Turkish Amateur Radio Club
TA0UJ – First ham in turkey. 
Turkish Law 3222
Turkish Coup 1983
CB Radio
CW – Morse Code
Sedat Keskin TA7A
University of Ankara, BSEE
ANTRAK – Ankara Amateur Radio Club
Gurel Ozbakis TA2DX
Icom IC-781 HF Transceiver
4 Element Beam
Integrated Circuit AM9111 VHF Modem Chip
Ampr Gateways
Bell 202 Modem
A Tahir Dengiz, TA2T
EME Communication
Meteor Scatter
AMSAT – Turkey
TAMSAT – Turkish Amateur Satellite Organization
AO-40 Satellite
QO-100 Satellite
AMSAT Deutschland
OH2UDS Portable QO-100 Station
Mars on Earth Project – training for schools
Speed of Light
Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society
Megasat Camping Dish Antenna
“Space Hookah”
Fox Hunting Radio Transmitter
Fox Hunting on QO-100 Satellite
Ankara Children’s Day 
DATV Format
2023 Turkish Earthquake
Your First AREDN Mesh Node
TA2T Net TAANet IP Radio  (AREDN)
1999 Turkish Earthquake
Ham Radio Operators are the MacGyver’s of Technology  MacGyver Television Show

Excited most by: always something new to try, like a portable QO-100 station. 

Advice to new or returning hams: “ham radio is not an “old hobby””, there are opportunities to learn technology in ham radio. 

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