Episode 456 – Jeff Murray – K1NSS


Jeff Murray, K1NSS, draws cartoons and tells stories about ham radio and the people who use it. He shares his funny pictures and tales on his website, dashtoons.com. Like many cartoonists, Jeff makes ham radio social commentary using Dash the dog, to poke fun at amateur radio and us.  K1NSS is my QSO Today.



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Christmas, 1956, Remco Radio Station – “Every boy wants a Remco toy”. 

Mad Magazine

First Book of Radio and Electronics, By Alfred P. Morgan

First general coverage receiver: Knight Kit Ocean Hopper

Popular Electronics SWL call sign

First License: 1963, Novice, WN2EXW,  later upgrade to WB2EXW

First Rig:

Hallicrafters FX28 “Super Skyrider”  receiver

K1NSS QSL card designs

Jeff made the cover for Ward’s book: Ray Tracy – Zone of Iniquity by Ward Silver (2012-04-11)B29 restoration 

project “FiFi” – one of the still flying B52s. 

Jean Shepherd, K2ORS – here is a tribute and archive of Jean’s recordings. 

A Christmas Story, by Jean Shepherd

Gravity’s Rainbow, By Thomas Pynchon

Jeff’s Books: 

Gotham Vertical, the hunt for Nikola Tesla’s Ghost in the New Yorker Hotel, by Jeff Murray

QSO cards for Herd Island

IOTA, Islands on the Air, New Jackson Appledore Island and Isle of Sholes

Current Rig: 

Favorite mode: CW,  “because it gives you time to have something to say”

Favorite band: 160 meters

Dayton Neverending, picture by Jeff Murray

Dayton Hamvention, 2016

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Allied Knight kit Ocean Hopper Receiver

Heathkit DX-20 Novice Transmitter

Vibroplex Presentation Key

Dashtoons featuring Dash, the dog faced ham

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