Episode 457 – Graham Firth – G3MFJ


Graham Firth, G3MFJ, joined our amateur radio hobby almost sixty years ago as a kid growing up in Yorkshire, England.  Electronics and electronics building was the driver and is still Graham’s first love in the hobby.  QRP was the natural choice of this builder and a way to avoid television interference to his neighbors.  Graham is active in the G-QRP group, builds QRP kits for the group, and still plays a mean bass guitar. G3MFJ is my guest on QSO Today. 

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Elmer:  David Pratt (G4DNP) G3KEP

First License:  December 1957, Age 15, G3MFJ

First Rig: 
RAF receiver R1155 
Transmitter 6V6 PA fiberboard front panel

Graham’s USA call signs: KC7LLX, Extra Class AV7VN, W3MFJ

Graham and Tony’s book: Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer with G4WIF

Graham’s Test equipment recommended: 
Digital volt/ohm meter
RF Probe 
Crystal  Oscillator
Crystal tester
Signal tracer

Shipley, West Yorkshire, England
Bradford Grammar School 
GPO telephone company – the “Government Phone Office”, precursor to British Telecom.
Tony Fishpool, G4WIF – longtime friend of Graham’s, and co-author of Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer. 
G-QRP Club – founded by George Dobbs, G3RJV.  
G3MFJ Ozarkcon biography
George Dobbs, G3RJV(SK), founder of the G-QRP –
Limerick “Sudden”  receiver – direct conversion 
Limerick “Sudden”  transmitter
Small Wonder Labs – kit supplier owned by Dave Benson, K1SWL, who retired and moved the Rockmite kits to Rex, Harper, K1REX, at QRPme
G-QRP Club buildathon
Kanga UK – regen receiver 
Sputnik 80 Meter transceiver
Michael Rainey, AA1TJ – QRP builder on protoboard and former QSO Today guest. 
Oleg Borodin, RV3GP,  – QRPer – book here
MeSquares – from Rex, K1REX
Island Pad Cutter – 5mm diamond cutter that makes circular pads with drill press. 
Don Cameron Award by the RSGB in 2105
Absorption Wave Meter
RSGB Centenary Receiver Kit
Tim Peake, GB1SS, astronaut on the International Space Station
ARCI QRP Hall of Fame

Advice to new or returning hams: Join a club

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Limerick Sudden Receiver


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