Estate sale for silent key; many current-model radios and equipment, near new

NOTE:  Despite bidding being closed as of May 1, many items are still for sale.  All bidders have been notified if their bid was successful, or if their bid did not meet an established reasonable price (i.e. reserve bid).   The items that have sold and are no longer available are indicated “<SOLD> and those with a successful bid awaiting payment will be listed as “pending”.  Any remaining items that are unsold, or for which no payment is received by the deadline will be brought to the Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet on Sunday, May 7th.

If you would like to place an offer on any item that is not yet sold, please do email me.  I will note your offer and if it is above what the item will reasonably fetch at the swap meet, you will get it.  If your offer is below what I expect the item can fetch at the swap meet, I’ll note your bid and bring the item to the swap meet.  If the item doesn’t achieve a higher price at the swap meet, I will contact you afterward to determine if you’re still interested in buying the item.


Listed below are many items from a recent silent key that was part of our club and his entire radio collection is being sold on behalf of his family.  He was only licensed in 2019 so most items are near new with very little use.  Many items are sold with the original box, where noted.

I’m accepting bids on individual items until 23:59 April 30th.  A price range has been established for each item and if a bid exceeds the expected high value (termed the “Buy it Now” price) the item will be considered sold.  Bidders will be informed on Monday, May 1st if they were the winner.  They will have until that Thursday to pay for the item.  Any item that is not sold by May 1st will be taken to the Maple Ridge ARC Swap Meet on Sunday, May 7th.  See the website: for details on the swap meet.   Sorry but due to the cost of shipping, potential scams and issues with selling such a large lot of items, only local sales are available.  Items to be picked up in Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows/Surrey/Langley areas.

Regarding the operation and any expressed warranty:  As noted in the list, most items are tested and confirmed to power up, receive and for transceivers in most cases, tested on transmit.  The transmit test was just a repeater kerchunk, no audio-quality testing was done.   Where noted, all transceivers passed that test.  The owner was a club member and it’s believed everything he had was virtually new, well cared for, and works perfectly.  Buyers are welcome to test prior to buying if they bring a power supply because items are sold as-is.  Despite them being “as is”, I’ll wait a week after the May 7th MRARC swap meet to provide the money to the SK’s family, so if you have an issue extending beyond what I tested for in that time, you can contact me and we’ll work out an arrangement.  The silent key was a great man and he would have done the same, so I’m sure I have his blessing on that.

Please bid individually on each item via email to VA7DBJ [at] gmail [dot] [com].

  1. <SOLD> Pyramid PSV-300 Power Supply (in original box) (not yet tested, BTB working
  2.  Yadaton MX-72 dual band Duplexer (not tested)
  3.  Kenwood TM-733A Transceiver in original box (tested: powers up/transmits/appears normal)
  4. <POSSIBLE OFFER – AWAITING DETAILS> Anytone D878 II Plus handheld digital transceiver w/ GPS, APRS in original box (tested: powers up/transmits/appears normal)
  5. u/k make/model Antenna w/ 2 coils
  6. Uniden BCD436HP Receiver with antenna, usb power cable in original box (tested: powers up/receives/appears normal)
  7. Expert Power Whip Antenna (not tested)
  8. u/k make/model Antenna
  9. Eton Elite Executive MW/SW/Air Receiver (tested: powers up/receives/appears like new)
  10. Tecsun AN-200 tunable medium wave loop antenna, in original box (not tested)
  11. <SOLD> homemade “copper cactus” J-pole Antenna incl. coax/connector
  12. numerous coax jumpers, no-name brands
  13. Yaesu HRI200 Wires-X adaptor (not tested)
  14. <SOLD>  Surecom SW-102 Power meter (tested:  powers up, appears normal)
  15. <SOLD> Anytone AT-D578 UV III Pro DMR dual-band mobile transceiver  (tested: powers up/transmits/appears normal)
  16. <SOLD> Antenna of unknown origin, labeled “high gain antenna”
  17. <SOLD>  TYT TH-9800 quad-band transceiver #1 (tested: powers up/transmits/appears normal)
  18. <SOLD>  TYT TH-9800 quad band transceiver #2 includs remote kit for car install.  (tested: powers/transmits/appears normal)
  19. <SOLD> Kenwood TM-V71 dual band 50 watt mobile transceiver. In original box.  (powers up and receives fine but fan runs right away and it reboots intermittently on transmit- will attempt to diagnose, but may have to sell “as is” with some TLC required)
  20. <SOLD> Yaesu FTM-300D C4FM dual band digital transceiver, with USB-k5G Wires-X cable, in original box. (not tested but appears very new).
  21. Nano VNA VNA-F Meter, in plastic case with USB cable and various adaptors.  (tested, powers up, seems normal)
  22. Baofeng UV-9R Plus handheld transceiver (tested, powers up, seems normal).
  23. <SOLD> FlightAware ProStick Plus v1.0 ADS-B Receiver  (not tested)
  24. RT Systems 991A Programming Software + Cable (in box) Software w/ serial number
  25. <PENDING> Astron SS-30M Power Supply (not tested)
  26. magmount antenna, 70 cm, unknown make/model. With coax/connector.  (not tested)
  27. <SOLD> Icom IC-7300 Transceiver, with mic, power cable. (original box not yet located).  (tested: transmits & receives beautifully).  One bid already accepted.
  28. homemade pocket oscilloscope with various leads, power supply. (tested:  powers up, appears normal)
  29. <SALE PENDING> Alinco DM-330 MV Power Supply (not tested)
  30. MFJ MFJ-993B Intellituner Tuner  (not tested)
  31. Eton Elite 750 Receiver  (tested:  powers up, receives, appears normal).
  32. Bridgecom Skybridge (not YET tested, likely testing this weekend)
  33. no name coax, apx. 50′ (approximate/not measured), with connectors
  34. <SOLD> Speaker, unknown make/model (not tested)
  35. <SALE PENDING> mag mount antenna, appears to be 70cm band, w/ 10′ coax
  36. Spikenzie Labs telegraph decoder DIY kit, not built, unopened/original packaging.
  37. Yaesu FT-270R handheld 5 watt transceiver, IPX7 waterproof (not tested)
  38. coax, unknown make, apx. 15′
  39. <SALE PENDING> magmount antenna, unknown make/model
  40. Daiwa CNW41 Tuner w/ 2 antenna selector, 400 watt.  (old but good). (not tested)
  41. <SALE PENDING> Antenna, small (3″ cylindrical), labelled “136-174, 400-480 MHz”, make/model TBA. (not tested)
  42. Dual band fibreglass antenna, Tram, similar to X50
  43. Antenna, fibreglass, single band, Tram, larger than X50, similar to Diamond X100/X150
  44. <SOLD> Hustler RM-80-S Antenna (not tested)
  45. <SALE PENDING> Coax, RG8X, brand unknown, apx. 100′ roll, w/ connectors
  46. <SALE PENDING> Coax, RG8X, brand unknown, apx. 20′ roll, w/ connectors
  47. Antenna switch, no make/model, labelled “1000 watts”  (not tested)
  48. Icom handheld transceiver, possible F3 HW 26? (old/obsolete)
  49. Astatic PDC2 SWR/Power meter (not tested)
  50. MFJ model MFJ-801 Signal meter  (not tested)
  51. <SOLD> QuadHands soldering station with 4 flexible helping hands (like new)
  52. <SOLD> MFJ 259C Antenna Analyzer  (tested, appears working normally)
  53. Kaito KA900 solar radio/NOAA weather alerts  (not tested)
  54. NoElec HamItUp & Nesdr Smart Receiver (not tested)
  55. BASIK DIY end fed multi-band antenna.  (not tested)

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