Icom IC-V3500 VHF Special Offer with Free Shipping

$299 – New Icom IC-V3500 taxes and shipping included!

Now’s the time to buy if you’ve been thinking about upgrading that old rig in the mobile. Pick-up a new IC-V3500, now in stock and shipped to your door by Taylor Raine Communications for only $299** – taxes and shipping included! This is a limited time offer while stock lasts so don’t shop around looking for a better deal on a new IC-3500 transceiver…you wont find one!

The ICOM IC-V3500 VHF FM Transceiver Features:

  • Enhanced design: The IC-V3500 features a rugged, easy-to-use design, ensuring durability and convenience. – Clear display: The white, back-lit LCD screen offers a spacious layout that enhances readability and reduces eyestrain.
  • Frequency range: Transmit from 144-148 MHz at a stable output power of 65 W and receive from 136-174 MHz.
  • Audio Volume Boost: Enjoy loud and crisp speaker output with the new Audio Volume Boost feature, providing an immersive listening experience.
  • Instant mute: Quickly and effortlessly silence the device with the instant mute feature.
  • Emergency safety functions: Includes new emergency safety functions required for commercial use applications, ensuring preparedness in critical situations.

Order today from Taylor Raine Communications.

** etransfer price only – Credit Card price is $310

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