Toppower STP-1330 Analog DC Regulated Power Supply

A 13.8 V DC Regulated Switching Power Supply Fixed Output Designed for Communication Equipment, runs 20A continuously & up to 30A surge. Has Noise Offset, 12V Car Charger Female Port, and a Volt or Amp meter.

I bought this new in Oct. 2022 and ran my first HF rig, an IC-718, plus an Alinco 2M rig. However, recently I added an IC-756 ProIII plus a powered SWR meter and powered speaker, it was causing this unit to hustle a bit more and the fan came on in the enclosure I must keep it in. I replaced it with a higher Amp. continuous capacity-rated PS and all is quiet in the shack again.

It’s great for a smaller station or for a single radio operation. Check out the numerous rave rankings and reviews.

Thanks for looking, Larry.

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