Just back from the spa! — Flex 6500

The Flex 6500 is the ‘half-brother’ of Flex’s flagship transceiver, the 6700.  The 6500 has the same Spectral Capture Unit (SCU) as the 6700 (which has two), and is capable of running four slice receivers simultaneously on any band — from 160m through to 6m. Power output is 100W on all bands.  This is a full-featured 6500 with the built in ATU and is already licensed for the latest 2.x version of Flex’s SmartSDR software — 2.9.2.

Please note, to use this rig you’ll need a PC/laptop with an ethernet connection — you can either connect the radio directly to the pc via CAT-5 or above, or connect the radio to your home wifi and access it from anywhere in your home or the world!

This rig has recently come back from Flex HQ in Texas where it was given: a) new CPU and FPGA fans; b) new cooling fans; c) new, larger internal SD card; and d) complete test and alignment.  It works like new.

The radio comes complete with ethernet cable, power cable, microphone, and the original packaging from Flex.  

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