Amateur Radio Equipment Repairs!

Welcome to Ron Smith from Innovative Circuits Electronics Repair Centre…the latest addition to the Vendor Directory! Ron runs a full service electronics repair facility from his location in Barrie Ontario and has been providing top-notch repair services for all types of amateur radio equipment in the Barrie area since 1991. Amateur radio gear also ‘streams’ in from other parts of Ontario and the rest of Canada through pre-paid shipping arrangements.

It’s great news to have a ham radio electronics repair centre listed in the Vendor Directory. In fact, developing a list of ham radio repair technicians in all areas of Canada was suggested by a Vancouver Amateur, and was the primary ‘driver’ in the development of the Vendor Directory.

Checkout the Innovative Circuits Electronics Repair Centre Vendor Directory Listing today and get some of that classic gear back on the air.

And, contact me VE7DXE, if your business provides products and or services to the amateur radio community to arrange for a listing in the Vendor Directory.

73 Don VE7DXE

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