Brand new Baofeng BF-18L in the box.

I have a brand new Baofeng BF-18L that is working fine. I bought that to see what is was like but I don’t really need it. It works on 3 bands and has a color screen. It has 999 memories and can also be used as a scanner. Frequency coverage on receive is 136-174, 220-260, 400-520, 65-108, 108-136, 350-390. Transmit is 136-174, 220-260 and 400-520. I t has the usual repeater offset and tones. It comes with a battery, 2 antennas, USB cable for charging and programming, a wall charger and the instruction manual in English which is over 40 pages long. I enclose a couple of pictures. Send me a message if you need more info.

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