Two Dual Band HT’s For Sale

I’m selling a couple of Chinese HT’s that are just sitting in the shack unused.

First is the ever popular Baofeng UV-5R. This one is in absolutely new condition, never left the shack. It will ship with the stock battery, the extended 3800mA battery and drop in desk charger.

The second is a MLLRADIO Model # 8811. This one is marketed under several different brands. It covers 2m/440 and also includes a few other bands including AM air band. Nice color display. Charges with standard USB-C cable.

I’ll take $85 for the pair shipped in Ontario and Quebec, $95 elsewhere, in Canada.


Checking Amazon today, the UV-5R with both batteries is $83.99 alone. Don’t miss this deal!!!

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Payment by PayPal is preferred.

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