Episode 464 – Frank Brickle – AB2KT


Dr. Frank Brickle, AB2KT, was my guest in Episode 212, in August of 2018, five years ago.  He is both a musical composer and a technology expert. He earned a Ph.D. in Music from Princeton University and has been involved in computer science and signal processing since 1970. He was an early pioneer in development of Software Defined Radio for the US Government, and later by private industry, and was the Co-deleloper of PowerSDR software with Bob McGwier, N4HY.   Frank is also a classical music composer and has his written compositions performed worldwide. AB2KT is my QSO Today in this remastered audio version of the original interview.



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Frank Brickle, AB2KT Websites:

Hometown: Scranton, PA

Ameco Code Practice LP

ARRL – American Radio Relay League

First License: Age 12, Novice, 1963, WN2GRK


  • Burt W2TQS administered novice exam
  • Joe Bensler,
  • Willard Felch, RACES

First Rig:

Favorite Mode: CW

Current Rigs:

SOTA – Summits on the Air

Edward Armstrong Tower

Gene Shepard K2ORS

IBM 1420 main frame

New York State Arts Council

Philip Glass, musician

Princeton University, Musical composition

Digital signal processing

Song Cycle in the form of 32 Variations from Mezzo Soprano, By Frank Brickle. Not yet released.

Software Defined Radio

The Center for Communications Research, Princeton, NJ, sponsored by US Department of Defense

QSO Today, Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR

SDR1000 Transceiver

PowerSDR software – developed by Frank Brickle and Bob McGwier

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

Agilent 3238S Broadband Surveillance Receiver

AMSAT Oscar-Echo, SDR-1000 and Higher Speed FSK, By Frank Brickle, AB2KT, and Bob McGwier, N4HY

Open Research Institute

QSO Today, Bruce Perens, K6BP

Michele Thompson, W5NYV

DVB Standard

GNU Radio

RTL SDR Dongle

Philco Radio Shop in Tel Aviv marker


Carmel Market, Tel Aviv

QSO Today, Amnon Bar Giora, 4X1DF

IOTA – Islands on the air

Open Research Institute

Ground Staton Project

Advice to new or returning hams: Jump in – spend more time listening in the HF bands, do a lot of different things.

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Heathkit DX-40 Novice Transmitter

Hammarlund HQ-110 General Coverage Receiver

SDR 1000 Transceiver

Yaesu FT-817 Portable QRP Transceiver

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