VE5JL’s Contribution to Amateur Radio and Communications…wow!

Amateur radio operators contribute to the hobby in many different ways and now again you run across a hobby enthusiast who has gone above and beyond normal contributions to share their passion for amateur radio and other interests such as short wave listening, CB Radio and Scanning.

Such is the case with Joe, VE5JL who has made sharing his life-long passion with radio a priority! Check out Joe’s webpage at

It takes significant effort to develop and maintain a website and Joe’s done an amazing job with his primary site, as well as the development of niche sites which include information on HeathkitJana and Radioshack catalogs that I’m sure will bring back some interesting memories for us all?

VE5JL AKA ‘The Radio Guy’ hosts a Youtube channel with homegrown videos featuring his many equipment restoration projects and many more subjects. It takes tremendous effort to ‘pull all this together’ so please visit Joes website/s and be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel. It’s a great idea to watch these interesting videos and share you own experience in the video comments!

Well done Joe!  

73 Don VE7DXE



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