Episode 465 – Jack Mandelman – K1VT


Dr. Jack Mandelman, K1VT, was my guest in 2018, after meeting him on a DMR talk group.  As my head is down in preparation for the upcoming QSO Today Academy Event, I wanted to bring back this great interview with Jack.  Jack is on the short list for holding the most patents, over 700 Worldwide, in the area of semiconductor physics, while at the same time a successful ham radio operator working DX and CW.  Jack is exploring   satellite communications and DMR. K1VT shares his ham radio story episode of QSO Today.




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Started with shortwave listening
Vacuum tube kit with fahnestock clips

ART 13 Transmitter

Mercury vapor rectifier tube

Hammarlund Super Pro receiver

All American Five Tube receiver line up

W2IRS –  Irish Radio Shack

Radio Moscow on 40 meters

Hometown: Queens, NYC,  Maspeth

First License:  Novice,  Age 14

First Rig: 
Hallicrafters S38E GC receiver
Heathkit DX40 Transmitter

Elmer: Norm, W2KVG

Brooklyn Technical High School

WNYE – broadcast station

Education:City College of NY, BSEE, MSEE
Phd, Semiconductors and Solid State Physics

Microstrip distributed P nu in Diode

IBM, Burlington Vermont, K1VT repeater

Watson Laboratories

US Patents of Dr. Jack Mandelman

DRAM -dynamic random access memory

Finite Element Modeling

Lazy H antenna – two stacked doublets

4NEC2 – antenna modeling software, Arie Voors

Father Moran, Kathmandu, Nepal

Favorite operating mode: CW

Current Rigs: 

DMR – Digital mobile radio

Brandmeister Repeaters

SharkRF Openspot

Bluestack DVMega – BlueDV

ThumbDV – from Northwest Digital Radio

AMBE3000 Vocoder

EZnec – antenna modeling software

4Nec2 – antenna modeling software

World Wide listing of amateur radio operators who work or worked for IBM.

Pneumatic tennis ball launcher using PVC pipe, WB6ZQZ

Most excited by:

  • Digital voice modes and satellite modes
  • Challenge of using attic antennas
  • Magnetic loop antennas
  • Remotehams

Advice to new or returning hams: Prepare for a shock.  Don’t be overwhelmed and use what you know already. Do more listening than talking.

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Hallicrafters S-38E Receiver

Heathkit DX-60 Novice Transmitter

Icom IC-7100 HF transceiver with VHF/UHF

Pneumatic Tennis Ball Launcher

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