How to Save on Canada Post Shipping

Canada Post shipping costs are on the rise and add to the cost (significantly) of purchasing an item. There have been a few items listed in the past where the cost of shipping exceeds the value of the item, and in many cases it just doesn’t make sense for a buyer to make the purchase.

Today I mailed off an item to Manitoba and saved the buyer about $12 on the shipping expenses which made both of us happy. 

Here’s the deal, and this may be ‘old-hat’ for the seasoned buyers and sellers out there, but it was news to me:

  1. The cost to mail the antenna switch to Manitoba from my QTH in Victoria was $27 and change via regular parcel mail with a tracking number, 7 day delivery
  2. Pretty expensive shipping and not proportional to the cost of the item which sold for about $30!
  3. I purchased some pre-paid shipping padded envelopes from Canada Post for $15. That’s the Regional Envo. which covers locations to Manitoba (from Victoria). There is a National version as well which sells for $20.

Anyway, good lesson-learned for me. I’ll be using these pre-paid envos for smaller items that weigh up to 500 grams.

I saved the buyer $12 bucks on shipping of this item, AND the delivery time is 3 days.

As mentioned, perhaps old news for many, but certainly a great tip for the rest of us!

This is FYI only (I’m not promoting Canada Post)

73 Don VE7DXE

Thanks for the reminder from an amateur located in Iqaluit that there are also flat rate boxes which can ship up to 5kg. They range in price from $19 to $30.


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