Episode 466 – Dave Sumner – K1ZZ


As I have my head down in the QSO Today Academy before its opening, I wanted to bring back the interesting interview that I had back in November of 2017 with Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, former CEO and General Manager of the ARRL.  Dave retired in 2016 after 44 years with the league, beginning as an intern.  Dave shares his ham radio outlook, operating practices, and reflections on his years in the ARRL headquarters and is my QSO Today.



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First Crystal Radio Set: Age 10

Voice of America

First License: 1962, Novice, age 13, KN1ZND
Upgrade: Conditional
Extra Class upgrade: 1965.  

First Rig:
Knight Kit T60 transmitter – with sweep tube final
Lafayette KT320 Receiver Kit

Favorite operating mode: CW

U.S. Army Signal Corps

Father became:  NW7R

Elmer: Bud Ward, W1GEA, Trained returning WW2 and Korea GIs in radio and television repair

Sputnik – first orbital satellite launched by the Russians
Michigan State University, Political Science

W8SH  Michigan State Amateur Radio Club
Collins S Line Station

Antenna inventory on QRZ of K1ZZ’s antenna farm

CW DX Contests on 160 through 10 meters.
10 Ghz Contest with XYL

SO2R – Single operator two radio contest operation

Current Rigs:

Dave’s wife:  Linda, KA1ZD

10 GHz Rig:

RSGB – Radio Society of Great Britain

Dane Evans, G3RPE – simple microwave equipment

Bob Hill, W1ARR

Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids

Moon Landing, July 20th, 1969
Episode 94 – Ellen White, W1YL

ARRL – American Radio Relay League

IARU – International Amateur Radio Union

Dick Baldwin, W1RU, GM ARRL

World Administrative Radio Conference, 1979

Rod Stafford, W6ROD – former ARRL President

Larry Price, W4RA – former ARRL President

ARRL on Spectrum Defense

IARU monitoring system – “intruder watch”

ARRL Heritage Museum

Excited most by:
Digital modes and application to science investigation.  

​Reverse Beacon Network

Advice to new or returning hams:  Learn as much as you can.

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Knight-kit T60 Novice Transmitter

Lafayette KT-320 General Coverage Receiver

10 Ghz rig using Yaesu FT-817 as IF radio
​Picture courtesy of Kevin Hobbs, VE3KH

Icom IC-7600 HF Transceiver

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