Panasonic RF-3100


A classic SWL radio in near mint condition.

I have WAY too many SWL radios so I’m selling a few.

Up for sale is the Panasonic RF-3100

 “The Panasonic RF-3100 covers 550 to 29999 kHz with a 1 kHz digital display and FM from 87.5-108 MHz. The band selector selects, AM, FM and 29 1 MHz shortwave bands. Modes of reception include AM and CW/SSB. The large 3.5 inch speaker plus Bass and Treble combine to offer nice fidelity.

Features include:  Headphone jack, S-Battery meter, carry strap, RF gain, Wide/Narrow selectivity, meter lamp switch, external antenna jack and telescopic antenna.

The RF-3100 can operate from 120 VAC or eight D cells.”

It is vintage electronics, so it is sold AS IS.

I did test AM / FM and WWV and it received very well even with just the back of the set antenna.

Please contact me for further information about shipping to your location. It will be professionally packaged to help get it to your QTH.

If it doesn’t sell here, I will post it on eBay.


Thank you for looking, 73 DE VE5JL.


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