Trilectric VHF 30 Watt Amplifier “New Price”

This is a VHF 30 watt FM amplifier. It is simple to use and operates on 12 volts DC. There is no receive preamp. It uses a carrier operated relay circuit. I have tested this unit and it is full output (35 watts) with 10 watts input. It is fully functional but is sold as is without warranty because it used electronics and because of parts switchers, scammers and operator that do not have sufficient knowledge to run it correctly or connect it with correct polarity. I will ship at buyer’s expense and I will ship anywhere in North America. I may negotiate a meet up if it is close to my area. I am open to a reasonable offer but no low ballers please I am aware of the value of these units. If you have questions please email me. Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think. Thanks Dave  VE3EBM

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