Wanted – Speaker Mic (or Plug!) for Wilson WE-800

EDIT: I have had no joy finding the mic or even another radio.  At this point, I’d settle for a 6 pin plug to fit the pins shown in the photo.  Note that the pattern is not symmetrical.  I tried an 8 pin Kenwood/Yaesu connector, hoping it would fit, but no.  It’s the same format plug, but the pin alignment is different.  Does anyone have a plug to fit?

Some might remember the Wilson WE-800 radio from the late ’70s.  Two meter, synthesized, portable… with internal batteries.  I have one that works, but it’s incomplete.  I’m looking primarily for the original speaker mic, but would also be interested in the mobile mount/handle and even the rubber duck antenna.  I’d potentially even take a complete radio, if it has the extra pieces, if the price makes sense (working or not).

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