Bird Wattmeter Peak Reading Board

This is the F1FRV Peak Power Meter for the Bird43 series Wattmeter.  This is F1FRV’s DESIGN not mine and I don’t claim anything other than I have etched some PCB’s and built them up.

I have 4 more left in stock. Fully populated.  Just follow some simple directions and you can make your Bird wattmeter PEAK READ the RF envelope.  Shown here in my personal meter.  This design does work well and does NOT affect the reading of the meter when properly calibrated.

The kit comes fully assembled. A few wires to hook up and the board attaches directly to the Meter Movement screws.  Just adjust 2 pots to suit your taste and you are done. Powered by a single 9VDC battery.

A toggle switch takes it in and out of circuit to save battery life.  METER NOT INCLUDED.




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