Episode 470 – Tony Fishpool – G4WIF


Tony Fishpool, G4WIF, is still active in the United Kingdom’s G-QRP Club and contributes to the quarterly Sprat Magazine, is the author of a book on Test Equipment for the QRPer, and numerous articles on equipment building with particular attention to detail and budget.  I am pleased to present to you this re-edited and mastered QSO with Tony Fishpool, G4WIF.



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G4WIF Resources: 
QRP for the Tightwad – this includes a brief background on Tony’s popular lecture.

First Licensed: 1974 G8HQX , Class B

First HF Rig: 
KW Electronics KW-2000 6 band transceiver

K.W. Electronics, Ltd. – Last great Kent based ham radio manufacturing company. 

Rowley Shears, G8KW – British war hero and instrumental in the re-introduction of amateur radio in Germany after WW2.

G-QRP Club

SPRAT magazine – The official journal of the G-QRP Group

Graham Firth,  G3MFJ, Episode 101 Guest
George Dobbs, G3RJV – founder of GQRP Sprat.  

Four Days in May (FDIM)– Annual event during the Dayton Hamvention sponsored by the QRP Amateur Radio Club International

Simple Test Equipment for the QRPer, book published in 2002, by Tony Fishpool, G4WIF, and Graham Firth, G3MFJ. Sold 400 copies and now out of print.

TV Dongle – used to create a SDR or software defined radio

Banggood.com – source of electronic boards and circuits

Ear to Oak software – SDR software

N5ESE Noise generator – experiments in RF noise generation

Tony’s comb generator project

Monolithic Amplifiers

Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE, Sweeperino Project – sweep oscillator –

QRP ARCI Hall of Fame, 2003, along with Graham Firth G3MFJ

Practical Wireless Magazine

Arduino – popular microcontroller that works great in homebrew projects.

Nick Kennedy, WA5BDU, guest in episode 67

Rex Harper, W1REX, guest in episode 102

Chuck Adams, K7QO,  Videos Toner Transfer Method

K7QO building techniques

Cadsoft Eagle software

Manhattan construction method

Pad “island” cutter – used on a small drill press to create round “island” pads on PC board for Manhattan construction.

XY vise, or cross slide vise

Buck Converter

Capacitor and inductor checker – test meter

Arduino based CW Morse tutor – great Hackaday article to build a device learn how to send and receive the code.

Excited by: Its never been easier to construct stuff now with easily availability of parts; web pages and blogs to share information.

Advice to new or returning hams: Join a local club that has constructors in it

World lighthouses on the air

JOTA – Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air

GQRP Convention

Roy Lewellen, W7EL – ENEC

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K.W. Electronics KW-2000 6 band HF transceiver

Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE, Sweeperino
​Sweep Generator

Homebrew comb generator

Sweeperino Sweep Generator Front Panel

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