Ten Tec 1208 20 M to 6 M Transverter

This Ten Tec 1208 6 M Transverter can be used with any older HF rig (not just Ten Tec) that does not have the 50 Mhz band, to get on 6 M.  It converts a maximum of 5 W on 14 Mhz to about 12 W on 50 MHz.  It is a linear transverter so you can use all the modes available on your HF rig on the 6 M band. 

Connects to your HF transceiver’s antenna connector. Connect an HF antenna and 6 M antenna to the transverter. The transverter is by-passed when used on HF by selecting the HF position on the transverter switch. 

Comes with fused 12V DC power cord and a printed CQ magazine review.  

Plus shipping cost 


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