Radio Test Equipment, Repair and Calibration.

I’m a senior radio technician with a fully equipped home radio shop. I’ve worked in bench repair for many Motorola radio dealers, Oilfield companies, and even a California defense company for several years.

I repair, calibrate, buy, sell and trade-in radio test equipment, mostly radio service monitors.

I’m equipped for many models. IFR 500, 1200, 1500, COM-120A/B. A-7550.

Motorola R-2000 series, R-2200/2400, R-2600/2660.

Some other makes and models of radio test sets, frequency counters, wattmeters, signal generators, spectrum analyzers. I charge $60/hour for repairs, with flatrate calibration at $400.

Please reach me to enquire further for yourself or for your club. Perhaps you have something to sell or trade in.

No ham stuff, nothing Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu. No oscilloscopes.



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