Attention – Hotmail Users – Not getting Replies?

Attention – Hotmail Users

You may not be getting replies to your emails!

I have answered email from several Hotmail users and never get any replies.

In one case I talked to the OM on the air. He checked and found my emails in his junk folder.  The other cases, who knows but it is impossible to complete a transaction if you do not get the email sent to you.

Others are having the same problem, There are notices on other sites.

For example:

Attention all YAHOO e-mail users:

If you are trying to RESPOND to one of our ADs, and using a email address the SELLER may not get your reply.

This is not a fault of our ONTARS classifieds system. Please use a different e-mail address.
All other e-mail domains work properly. Thank you!

If you have sent a reply to me and think I did not answer, first check your Junk/SPAM folder.  If nothing there please reply with an email address other than hotmail/outlook.

Free Gmail accounts available here:

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