First Advanced Study Course Module Released for Review is very pleased to announce the release of the first Advanced Amateur Radio course module on: Diodes – point-contact, junction, hot-carrier, Zener. This is the first of 54 additional modules that make-up the Canadian Advanced Amateur Radio Course which should be of interest to operators who hold Basic Certification, as well as current Advanced licensee’s wishing to ‘brush-up’ on the Advanced course content. 

All Courses are being developed using hamshack’s own QSL (Question Specific Learning) method, which takes a ‘deep-dive’ into each question and emphasizes understanding the reasons behind each correct answer. This unique approach involves presenting a question and then delving into the principles and logic that justify the correct response.

This method promotes a deeper comprehension of amateur radio and electronics concepts, moving away from simple memorization to a more meaningful understanding. By focusing on the rationale behind the answers, learners are better equipped to apply their knowledge in different situations, leading to a more practical and lasting mastery of the subject.

A quick Quiz at the end of each question assesses your comprehension of the concepts introduced in each question. Each course module wraps-up with a Chapter Quiz.

All remaining remaining 54 topics which constitute the Advanced Amateur Radio course will be added over the coming weeks, each with Quizzes to ‘keep you on your feet’, as well as the 50 Question Final Advanced Amateur Exam.

I’ll be posting updates about new individual courses as well as the new Hamshack Training Section…So be sure to stay tuned!

Have Fun!

73 Don VE7DXE

Transforming knowledge into understanding with QSL Question Specific Learning


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