Episode 488 – Charles Powell – NK8O


Charles Powell, NK8O, would argue that an early interest in radio and communications aided him in making a transition from professional French Horn player to pediatric doctor rather than suffer the mid-life crisis.  Charles likes just about everything that ham radio offers including POTA, CW, kit building, old rigs, and operating his own DXpeditions from exotic locations around the world.  NK8O and I discuss these topic and more in this QSO Today.


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Hometown: Akron, OH
QTH: Louisberg, Kansas

Arnold Mcbay VE3LWW VA3LW
Eric Stabler, VE3ISD

First Call_sign: VE3OCF,  N8FZR 1983
Brother in Law: Fred Randles, WA8CMU, now N8AX
First New Contact: Jack Mandleman, K1VT

First Rig:
Yaesu FT101EE HF Transceiver

Favorite Operating Mode: CW

Main Rig: Elecraft K4D HF Transceiver

Other Rigs: 
Elecraft KX2 Portable QRP Transceiver
Hardrock 50 Watt Amplifier
ICOM-O2AT Portable
Yaesu FT-991A Shack in a Box
Ten-Tec R4030 HF Radio
Elecraft K2 HF Transceiver Kit
Penntek TR45L HF Transceiver
Xiegu G90 20 Watt HF Transceiver
Elad FDM Duo HF SDR Transceiver

HF Remote Base Home Station:
Remote Rig
Icom IC-7100 HF Transceiver

Charles Callsigns in Tanzania: 5H9CP, 5H3DX

Rigs in Tanzania: 
Elecraft KX3 Portable HF Transceiver
Elecraft KXPA100 Amplifier
Elecraft PX3 Display

Crystal Set
1N34 Germanium diode
Acorn Tubes
Vintage General Electric Intercom Kit
Profession: Musician French Horn
University of Cincinnati
Ohio State University, Music Education Major
Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra
Minneapolis, MN
Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, Hamilton, Ont
South Florida Symphony 
Bell Choir
Oral Roberts University
NeoNatal Intensive Care
Hylane Membrane Disease
University of Cincinnati – WGDI Radio
3rd Class Radiotelephone License
University of Akron – WAUP FM
Radio Moscow
Deutsche Welle
Voice of America
Sony Shortwave Radio
Barlow Wadley Radio
Canada Amateur Radio Class B License
Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club
Farnsworth CW Spacing
Wollensak Tape Recorder
Dick Bash Amateur Radio Books
Buffalo FCC Office – very last amateur radio test
Vibroplex Paddle
Phil Anderson VE3FAS
Amateur Traffic Nets
McMaster University
St John’s University, Falkland Islands
Hurricane Watch Nets, Florida
DMR – Digital Mobile Radio Amateur
POTA 1 Activator
Great POTA Antenna
Full Length Vertical, from Allie Express robbpm cab;e groundplane
POTA – Parks on the Air
Norcal 40B NM0S
Dave Benson K1SWL Hilltopper Transceiver
CAT Rig Control
CQRLog Program
Magnetic Loop Antenna
Ubuntu Linux
Tanzania Hospitals
FT8 Digital Mode
FT4 Digital Mode, twice as fast as FT8
Symbol Rate Limit by FCC
CW Academy
Heathkit HW8
QRP Labs

Excited most by: variety of opportunities to explore the hobby. 

Advice to new or returning hams: Try a lot of different things and get a mentor to help you with it.

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Yaesu FT-101EE HF Transceiver

Ten-Tek R4030 2 Band QRP Transceiver

Elad FDM Duo SDR Transceiver

QRP Labs QDX Transceiver

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