1.Turn on/off switch 

2.Auto receive/transmit switch

3.Electrode reversal protect

Frequency range HF  (20-30 MHz is the best)
Operate voltage 12-14 Vcc
Input current/POWER 14-20 A
Input power 1-5 W
SSB input power 2-10 W
FM Output power Max 150 W(Input 10W)
AM Output power Max 150 W(Input 10W)
SSB output  power Pep Max 300 W(Input 10W)
Pep Max 250W (Input 5W )
Working mode FM- AM-CW-SSB
Blown fuse 2×12 A
Dimension 109x225x35 mm
Net weight 750 g.
Product Description
Compact high power all mode linear amplifier with automatic TX/Rx switch and On/Off switch.
Electronic switch. Inversion polarity protection.

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