Mountain Topper QRP 4B CW radio new

Mountain Topper Mtr4b V2.3 QRP CW transceiver NIB

Arguably one of the best qrp transceivers available. These are built and released in small batches. This one was built Sept 1,2023. With shipping and tax etc this was $425 usd. It has not been taken out of the sealed plastic thus never used. I’m in Calgary but will ship. Also has the 9v battery adapter connector to run on a simple 9V. After watching some vids and getting a better understanding (I’m new) about aspects of the hobby I think I bought this not having a clue why other than everyone loves them and they are cool. And the pota sota vids got me all impulsive :). Anyhow. Selling for a bit off usual. I’m going to embrace reality and stay inside and build a shack.

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