Hamshack.ca Advanced Amateur Radio Course – Study on Your Schedule!

Introducing the Free Advanced Amateur Radio course from Hamshack.ca!

Optimized for mobile learning and developed with the proprietary QSL (Question Specific Learning) method, this course goes beyond traditional study methods by explaining the ‘why’ behind each answer. The course is free for licenced amateurs wanting to upgrade from their current Basic, or Basic with Honours certification.

Why Take the Course?

Learners are indicating that QSL Course method promotes a quicker understanding and longer retention of knowledge, in preparation for the Spectrum Management Advanced Course exam.

Read what Ron, VE6RLZ has to say about hamshack’s QSL Advanced Amateur Radio Course:

I had previously looked at the material for the advanced amateur license and quickly found it overwhelming. It seemed very technical and something beyond my grasp.  Finding the QSL course on Hamshack I began to read through it.  The material was explained clearly and the analogies made to commonly relatable items allowed me to readily understand the principles discussed. I found that this was in fact something I could understand. The bite-sized lessons allowed me to progress through the material at a  comfortable rate and review a chapter any time I had a few minutes to sit down.  I could readily pass each chapter exam as I worked through the lessons and after completing the entire course material I can readily pass a sample test exam for advanced amateur license.  Kudos to Don for putting this course together. I’m sure it will be of great benefit to many amateurs seeking to increase their understanding of radio technology and gain their advanced radio license. — VE6RLZ

Mobile-Friendly: Access your course anytime, anywhere. Hamshack.ca’s QSL platform is designed for convenience, allowing you to fit learning into your busy schedule, whether you’re at home in the ‘shack’, or on the move the course displays great on a phone or other mobile device.

Visual Learning Aids: Complex concepts are explained with images and diagrams, helping you visualize and understand the intricacies of the advanced amateur radio concepts presented, in ‘bite-sized-chunks’.

Comprehensive Quizzes and Exams: From individual question quizzes, 25 question Section quizzes, to the full-blown 50-question practice exam, the course is structured to reinforce learning and prepare you for the Spectrum Management Advanced exam.

Flexible Learning: With no time limit on course access and the ability to take exams multiple times, you can learn at your own pace, ensuring you fully grasp each concept presented.

Free Unlimited Access!

Ready to ‘ace’ the Advanced Amateur Radio exam? Enroll in Hamshack.ca’s course today. You’ll need a hamshack.ca account to gain full-access to the course. Hams with an existing hamshack.ca account can request access to the course using their existing account by contacting VE7DXE.

 Ham Radio Clubs are Invited!

Ham radio clubs who currently offer the Advanced Amateur Radio course are invited to use the hamshack.ca QSL Advanced Amateur Radio course in their training syllabus on a per-user pay basis. This offer is also extended to Clubs who want to add the Advanced Amateur course to their current training. It is hoped that the nominal course fee will help to offset the cost of developing and hosting the current Advanced Amateur radio course on hamshack.ca, and encourage the development of the QSL Basic Amateur Radio course with others to follow.  Contact VE7DXE to get started!

Good Luck with your Studies

73 Don VE7DXE

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