IØJXX 6-element 6m Yagi model 6JXX6

This is a high-performance six metre yagi.  It has 6 elements on a 7.35 metre (24 feet) long boom.  You can see the manufacturer’s specifications here: https://www.i0jxx.com/gb/50-mhz/35-6jxx6.html

This is owned by Ron VE3REV but is stored at my home.  The antenna was used by Ron while he was in Dakar Senegal, operating as 6W1SU from 2016 to 2019.  You can see a photo of the antenna when it was last deployed  at https://www.qrz.com/db/6W1SU.  Note that the picture shows a 5el yagi.  The beam was too long to install all six elements, so Ron installed only 5 elements.  The antenna is being sold complete, with all six elements.

The aluminium is anodised, and so is very corrosion-resistant.  Dakar right on the Atlantic Ocean, and the antenna showed very little corrosion after three years of salt air exposure.

The boom-to-mast clamp is broken and will need to be reinforced or replaced.

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