Noise Cancel Signal Enhancer MFJ-1026 Deluxe Noise Canceling Signal Enhancer

This was purchased as an experiment after a fellow ham a few miles away showed me the great results he gets knocking out QRN and normal static interference. l live in a condo surrounded by condos and a city a mile away so I have lots of noise locally that is especially bad on 40M.

This device is amazing, but the key is the external auxiliary antenna. I can’t figure out how anyone uses this with the 6-inch antenna shown in the ads. My local ham friend had great success after he installed an auxiliary single-wire antenna around the circumference of his yard.  Both his waterfall and simply by listening to the sound the MFJ showed its effectiveness by adjusting the phase control knob to cancel out noise interference.

I bought this device knowing I couldn’t have the extensive outdoor antenna due to my QTH and the condo rules, but I still figured it was worth experimenting so I installed 100 ft. of AWG 30 wire around the perimeter of my home’s ceiling. I certainly did get signals, but it’s not the right kind. I pick up more local-house-condo static sources. From the band scope on my IC-756 it’s clear what the MJF does, but without the external antenna to pick up the interfering signals the phase canceling function isn’t effective.

So, buyer beware, they work with the correct antenna setup.  This comes with a DC PWR connector and antenna cutoff for connector Tx modes, and the small antenna. It’s economical to ship using Canada Post prepaid boxes. Write with questions or offers. I learned a lot with this so no regrets. 73, Larry

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