Motorola Micom 500E Hf tranceiver 500W PEP with built in ALE

Motorola Micom 500E  HF commercial transceiver 500W with ALE

For sale is this complete and 100% working 500W Motorola Micom transceiver.  This is a “all in one box” radio.

What is under the cover is:

  • Lambda 1500W power supply 28vdc 50A for the linear amplifier, and 14vdc 30a for the radio
  • Micom 100W 2ts radio (driving the internal 500W amplifier)
  • Tadiran 500W linear amplifier with automatic band switching
  • Control head connected to the radio via a 20ft control cable
  • Desk top Motorola microphone

The radio is 1.5 to 30 Mhz HF SSB and AM (receives from 100KHz)

The radio can be used in frequency mode or channel mode (200 channels)

It has built in ALE (Automatic link establishment, see HF link on web)

Band can be scanned for signals at various speeds; I usually scan at 1Khz speed.

The system can be programmed via RS232

Motorola Micom programming software and RS232 cable included.

The system is rack mountable or table to use, it can be used as is but the control head with speaker and desk top microphone can be removed and located approx. 20ft away from the transceiver.

This radio passes full internal BIT test’

This system is Plug n Play, just connect a tuned or broadband antenna and you are on the air  with 500W!

perfect radio for CFARS

Please call if u have questions, I can also send more pdf info if requested

Due to its weight and size pick up is recommended at my QTH, can also be demonstrated at that time.

Furthermore, I will be at the Comox 2024 Ham Swap & Flea Market

SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2024

73, JC Ve7oi

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