Episode 497 – Steve Shorey – G3ZPS


In this episode of QSO Today, we are joined by Steve Shorey, G3ZPS, who shares his captivating journey through the world of amateur radio. Starting with his early days of constructing tube transmitters from found parts, to securing electronics apprenticeships fueled by his passion for the hobby, and taking a hiatus to focus on family life, Steve’s story is one of passion and dedication. Now back in the fold, he finds joy in revisiting old operating modes and refurbishing the vintage equipment that once seemed unattainable in the 1960s. Join us as G3ZPS delves into his ham radio adventures and reflects on the profound impact this hobby has had on his life, right here on QSO Today.



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Ham Radio Events Calendar

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Steve Shorey G3GPS Website

Hometown: Southeast London, Bromley

GPO – British Telecom 
Shortwave Broadcasting
Voice of America
TRF Transistor Radios Heathkit
Ferrite Antenna
Medium Wave
G2WI Brian Herbert
Royal Air Force Pilot
Radio Constructor Magazine
VFO – Variable Frequency Oscillator
VHF Only UK Amateur Radio License G8XXX
Tropospheric Communications
London Metropolitan Police Communications
Cray Valley Radio Society
Drakeline Amateur Equipment
KW Electronics, UK
Collins KWM2 Transceiver
VOX Amplifiers – Beatles Amplifier
VOX AC30 Amplifier
RIT Control
Swan Radio Company
Atlas Radio Communications
Drake TR4 Transceiver
KW Atlanta Transceiver
Geloso,  Italian ham radio company
BitX Transceiver
Friedrichschaffen Ham Meet
Cutty Sark Ship
Kings Coronation 2023
JT Digital Modes

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ham Radio (00:00 – 03:47)
00:00: Episode introduction and the importance of listener sponsorship for the podcast.
01:38: Description of the podcast’s focus on amateur radio interviews and resources available on the website.
02:10: Creation of an online calendar for amateur radio events.
Chapter 2: G3ZPS Ham Radio Journey (03:47 – 18:07)
03:47: Introduction of G3ZPS, Eric, and the beginning of his ham radio story.
06:25: Influence of a science lecturer on G3ZPS’s interest in ham radio.
14:25: Description of the written exam and Morse test required for licensing.
18:07: G3ZPS’s successful completion of the exams and entry into the world of amateur radio.
Chapter 3: Evolution of Amateur Radio (50:58 – 56:19)
50:58: Discussion on the role and relevance of amateur radio in the face of technological changes.
54:47: Importance of mentorship and training in maintaining interest in amateur radio.
55:47: Consideration of marketing strategies to attract new participants to the hobby.
Chapter 4: Advice for Newcomers (1:01:05 – 1:09:20)
1:01:05: Recommendation to explore various aspects of the hobby and join a club for learning and social interaction.
1:05:52: Importance of hands-on activities and building projects in amateur radio.
1:09:20: Conclusion of the episode and encouragement to support the podcast through sponsorship.

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G3ZPS Shack 1970

G3ZPS Shack Now

Yeasu FT-70G Commercial Transceiver

Yaesu Musin FT-7B HF 5 Band SSB

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