DRAKE TR7 with PS7 power supply and a MS-8 speaker and service manual

DRAKE TR7 with matching PS7 power supply.  Later serial number transceiver in nice cosmetic condition.  Good output on lower bands.  10m is low around 30 watts output so molex pins need to be cleaned and boards reinstalled.  I did it approx 8 years ago but can’t see well enough to do that anymore.  It’s regular maintenance for the TR7. This is a beautiful amazing transceiver with wonderful audio.  Has CW filters installed.  I’ll provide a Drake MS-8 speaker (scratches) on it in the deal. Comes with the DRAKE factory repair/maintenance manual and lots of original documentation.  Has LED meter/dial lights upgraded to a real nice deep blue.   I also have available, a set of brand new (complete set never used) TR7 extender boards, a Drake WH7 wattmeter and a MN75 antenna tuner.  The WH7 needs to be repainted but the face and function are fine.  The MN75 tuner is cosmetically nice but plastic meter bezel is broken.  Functions fine also.   I will sell the entire package including a Astatic 877hl mic( identical to Drake 7077) and an additional TR7 transceiver for parts or repair for an entire package price of $950 or just the TR7 with matching PS7 and an MS-8 speaker with service manual for ($595).

Extender board kit new never used complete set      ($150   )

WH7 wattmeter,  needs cabinet refinished                ($85     )

MN75 antenna tuner, cracked meter bezel                ($100   )

Drake TR7 (non-functioning parts or restoration)  ($180   )

Astatic 877HL microphone ( same as Drake 7077) ($80     )

Drake MS-8 speaker(cabinet scratches)                   ($75      )

Drake TR7 complete factory service/repair manual ($75   )

TR7 with PS7 as in above add description with an MS8 speaker ($595)


This price is extremely fair.  Add it up.

Thanks and 73



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