Vibroplex Chrome Original Standard – 1948

I am selling off more keys to the kingdom!

This 1948 Original Standard is in really nice condition for its age. It has one very tiny spot along the edge where it has pitted, but this is barely visible, and there are a couple of light tarnish spots on the arm, again hardly noticeable. Somewhere along the way it lost its shorting bar, but unless you are planning to use it for land line telegraphy, that doesn’t affect its functionality.

I will ship this with the weights and finger pieces removed to avoid anything getting damaged en route.

CAUTION: This bug likes to go *fast*!!! (I can barely keep up with it :-))

You can buy heavier weights from Vibroplex if you want to tame it, and they are quite inexpensive.

These are wonderful bits of ham radio history that are just as functional today as the day they were made. And they will sure make you up your CW game!

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